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Our desktop software has been used across Canada by family law professionals for over 25 years.
Over 6,000 users at over 4,000 offices are currently enjoying the benefits of DivorceMate.
Installation is fast and easy and can be set up to share files with others at your office.
Available for use on Windows based computers only.
Access anywhere - at home, court, the cottage, etc.
Access anytime - 24/7.
Available on any device - desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, or other.
Quick and Easy Support Calculations: Child and spousal support pursuant to the Child Support Guidelines and the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines (SSAG), respectively, are easily calculated in minutes.
Intuitive Printout: A concise, easy-to-understand one page printout of the relevant information makes reviewing and comparing calculations simple.
Features include s.7 expense apportioning, grossing up of non-taxable income, all custody arrangements (sole, shared, split, mixed), net disposable income, net present values (ie. lump sum), life insurance needs, and more!
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Create all your day-to-day court forms (and mediation friendly forms) including financial statements and net family property statements, quickly and efficiently.
Features include merging of repetitive information, unlimited expansion, ease of use, automatic calculation, independence from word processor.
NEW Centralized lawyer database: We will provide a central list of lawyers for all DM Cloud users, pre-populated lawyer with contact information. (Centralized Courthouse database also included.)
Available to all current Pay Per Use & Annual Subscribers Ontario and BC that hold a valid license at no additional cost.