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DivorceMate Forms, Tools Calculations and Agreements are now available in LEAP's cloud-based, Legal Practice Productivity Solution for British Columbia law firms. For a limited time, when you purchase LEAP for your practice, you can access the full DivorceMate Integration in LEAP for only an additional $25 per user / per month. Eliminate the need for two separate platforms, and access practice productivity and family law software in one place. Offer expires: September 30th, 2023.

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DivorceMate is now integrated into LEAP

Now fully integrated into LEAP, DivorceMate’s professional family law calculator determines child and spousal support based on the federal Child Support Guidelines and the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines.

  • One click and your calculation is converted to pdf and ready to attach for email

  • No need to run a separate app for support calculations

  • Easily integrate calculations into matter and correspondence

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Ontario Financial Forms Available in LEAP

  • 13 Financial Statement (Support Claims)

  • 13.1 Financial Statement (Property and Support Claims)

  • 13B Net Family Property Statement

  • 13C Comparison of Net Family Property Statements

domestic contract ss

Access an Extensive Library of Domestic Contracts

Choose from hundreds of region-specific commonly used clauses, including late-stage agreements, covering Standard Form Separation and Interim Separation agreements.

  • Each clause is accompanied by detailed legal commentary

  • Simply select the desired clauses from a checklist and the software will create your domestic contract in your browser, ready for review and easy completion

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LEAP Family Forms with Equivalent Functionality of DivorceMate Forms

  • Data transfer from 13.1 Financial Statement (Property and Support) to 13B Net Family Property Statement, and from 13B Net Family Property Statement to 13C Comparison of NFPs

  • Repetitive Information Merged: Fill out the matter “card” and the software will automatically merge repetitive lawyer, client, children, address and date information into any court form you create for that client

  • Automatic Mathematical Totalling: All mathematical calculations are totaled with the click of a button

  • Unlimited Expansion: Most input fields are expandable as required. Rows can be added and deleted to financial forms as needed

The Complete Practice Productivity Solution for Family Law Firms

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